End To End Solution

A2 solutions creates bespoke software solutions that combine our unique modular approach with the use of scrum project management methodology - giving you the best of both worlds

Introducing  A2 Surface

Complete lead-to-invoicing solution designed uniquely for the Surfacing and Activity Equipment Industry. A2 Surface is a one of a kind web-based system, which follows the sales funnel end-to-end. The system incorporates all workflows from initial enquiry to completed job, streamlining your business operations and measuring key metrics as you go!

Our solution is simple to use and requires little training and limited intervention post initial setup. One system for the whole team, and integrations to link all other solutions you may wish to keep running simultaneously.

Benefits of A2 Surface

  • Synchronised offline application for your surveyor, which communicates with the back end to download up to the minute price and stock availability whilst online, and can then be taken out into the field to work offline alongside a customer on site to provide the most efficient quoting.
  • Lead Management
    • Lead Generation and Management
    • API Integration Abilitie
    • Lead Status and Progression Tracking
  • Appointments
    • Appointment and Calendar Integration
    • Integration with Maps and Distance Calculators
    • Record of Meeting Notes
  • Easy Digital Instruction Taking
    • Offline Capability
    • Up-to-date Product Information and Pricing
  • Orders and Quotes
    • Ability to Upload Blueprints and Floorplans
    • Full Management Control of Order Status
    • Centralised Profitability Tracking
  • Reporting
    • Full Financial MI
    • KPI Metrics for Staff
    • Project and Time Tracking
    • Sales Trends and Customer Preference MI
  • Offline Capability
    • Offline Desktop Software Available for Download
    • Full Back Office Connectivity Once Back Online
    • Seamless Synchronisation
  • Paperless and Efficient


If you are a surfacing or activity equipment business looking for a solution designed perfectly for you then get in touch with us for a free demo today!