A2 solutions creates bespoke software solutions that combine our unique modular approach with the use of scrum methodology.


Yep! We get it? Why not call ourselves A1 Solutions?

The answer is pretty simple (and absolutely nothing to do with the creative geniuses in our marketing department having a glass too many!!)

  • It is our clients who are the priority, so they are “A1”
  • Secondly, we take our clients from A – to – wherever they want to go
  • Lastly, A2 looked better on the logo


The A2 solutions team has many decades of IT experience between them and is comfortable having clients that expect projects to be delivered on time and in budget.

Our energetic and enthusiastic approach ensures we try always to go the extra mile to ensure our clients are delighted with our services.

With over a dozen developers turning your ideas into tangible business results, coupled with what can only be described as the ultimate dream team of business savvy brains your project is guaranteed to be a success!


Queen Bee

Lianne has an analytical background within corporate finance, as well as an appreciation of the challenges of running her own business for 12 years. Most of the time however, she credits her organisation skills and calm exterior under pressure to running a household with four children in it!


Chief Nerd

Since getting his first computer, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, back in 1982, co-founder Dan knew that he wanted to spend his life building software solutions for businesses. A 16 year corporate career in finance provided an education and exposure to many types of businesses and in 2004, Dan left the corporate world to start his own software company and fulfil his childhood ambition.


Wireframe Wizard

After wracking up an impressive 10 years in large corporations focussed on finance, Cindy came to her senses and joined the A2 team. When she wasn’t even put off by the Christmas Karaoke we knew she was a keeper. Cindy has a great rapport with clients but if she’s being honest her true love is sitting and creating interactive wireframes to wow them with.


Whip Cracker

With a passion for building software, Eliezah chose to pursue a career in IT at an early age. Her consistent determination to learn and excel helped her land her first job even before graduating from university. A decade later, Eliezah is responsible for running our amazing team of developers.

Our Superstars

They Make It Happen

We now have over a dozen developers who are without a doubt the superstars of our company. Each member has a passion for software development, understanding business problems and developing creative solutions. You will not find a better, more dedicated and resourceful team and we are immensly proud that they are our team!


Making Us Look Good

Having left school at 18, Emily made the conscious decision to spend three years freelancing in various industries. This freedom meant that she has worked on a number of exciting and high profile projects for companies and start-ups which provided her with unparalleled experience and guided her into her marketing career today…why she’s stuck with us we’ll never know!


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