At A2 solutions our heart lies in designing software that you aren’t just happy with, but that you love. Something that fits your business like slipping into a comfy pair of pajamas.


We understand the investment that upgrading your processes takes, whether that's making the leap from spreadsheets to your first management software, or upgrading an old and tired system. Maybe you are looking for a stepping stone, a “make do” while you grow your business. Maybe you have a go-to-market deadline and know you can’t commit to testing a system that knows all of your processes intimately until later in your business growth journey.
Over the years of developing our software, we have come to realise what the show-stopper must-have all-singing-all-dancing aspects that go into making the best one size fits all software around are. And so we have created a few off the shelf products. These can be building blocks, foundations on which to build an empire, they can be tweaked and doodled over slightly to fit an “almost there” process, or they can be installed as they are. 


Ready to go, or to use as a metaphorical piece of clay that can be modelled, shaped and turned into your perfect solution. Whatever your business needs, we've got you covered.

A2 Home Bookings

For those who run an at-home service, whether it's beauty treatments, dog grooming, counselling, hypnotherapy and many more.

You can manage your bookings and availability, have multiple users and sites operating under your business along with a client portal to better serve your clients while still retaining the human touch.

A2 Sales Management

Our Sales Management System allows you to build a workforce of sales managers, consultants, taking them through an onboarding and training program, and then allocating them leads or jobs throughout their time with the company.

You have full visibility of their clients, and they have the freedom to do their work

A2 Induction

For those who need a visitor processing centre on site at, for example a building site in order to tick the boxes, run the red tape, adhere to protocol, you name it!

You can set up identification uploads, tests and questionnaires, induction videos, and more for your visitors, and returning visitors. An off-the-shelf solution for a bespoke need in the market.

A2 Softplay

What started out as a favour for a friend during covid has rapidly become one of the most popular soft play booking systems on the market!

This is now a standalone system of ours that can be set up with as much or as little assistance as you require.

Whilst it is specifically set up for the soft play market, it can be easily tweaked to incorporate trampoline parks, roller and ice rinks, and more.

A2 Recruitment

Everything a recruiter could ask for, all in one package.

Built around the recruit – train – deploy model meaning that with this system, recruiters manage the whole process from lead and client management, through applicant tracking and training, to onboarding and deploying fully trained employees to clients in need of skilled staff.

A2 Office Management

Another product of covid and the boom of hybrid working, this neat piece of software manages your hotdesking requirements within your office.

Book desks and rooms and manage office usage on an individual, team and floor level, across multiple sites. Set maximum occupancies, and also staff minimums where necessary.

A2 Surface

If your company is in the `design, create and fit` business, whether that's a surface for a playarea or school, or a new gym layout, then our surface software will be your best friend.

Take a job from initial survey through to completion on one system. With offline quotation software that can be used on-site, and the ability to add your own products and price lists.

A2 Ticketing

No one likes it when things go wrong, when customers complain or someone finds an issue. But it doesn't need to be the end of the world either.

With our ticketing system, you can smoothly manage site to head office communications within a closed loop system, from ticket raising to resolution.

A2 Funder

B2B Peer-To-Peer lending is not something that trips off the tongue and certainly never spoken about at a school career's day.

But it's amazing how much inter-business lending happens and whether your business is in providing this direct finance or you resell the funding our A2 Funder product will give you all the tools that you need.


Let us show you what they can do! And remember, if they don't quite fit, we can genetically engineer them to your perfect requirements.
Contact us today to arrange a "show & tell" and one of specialists will get back to you (and don't worry, we're friendly!)


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