End To End Solution

A2 solutions creates bespoke software solutions that combine our unique modular approach with the use of scrum project management methodology - giving you the best of both worlds

Introducing  A2 Sales Management

Our Sales Management System allows you to build a workforce of sales managers, consultants, taking them through an onboarding and training program, and then allocating them leads or jobs throughout their time with the company.

You have full visibility of their clients, and they have the freedom to do their work

Benefits of A2 Sales Management

  • A system suited to anyone with simple and complex internal and contracted sales team structures, who require automation and detailed record keeping and financial tracking of ongoing sales pipelines.
  • Full Sales Team Management
    • Allows for independent sales agents to plug into the overall sales pipeline
    • Tracks training status on sales agents
    • Allows for unique script building for telesales where required per sales agent
    • Internal messaging functionality
    • Integrated calendar management
  • Pipeline Management
    • Track leads through to prospecting and conversion to clients
    • Allows for ongoing sales to existing clients
    • Maintains detailed lead and client records
    • Allows for accurate and easy quoting
    • Encompasses customisable process workflow and task lists
  • MI Reporting
    • Detailed Reports on all record types and agent performance
    • Up to date and real time financial reporting from sales to commissions


If you are a looking for a fast, modern and efficient sales management system that can work straight "out of the box" and then used as a building block for a bespoke system as your business grows, then get in touch with us for a free demo today!