End To End Solution

A2 solutions creates bespoke software solutions that combine our unique modular approach with the use of scrum project management methodology - giving you the best of both worlds

Introducing  A2 Funder

A2 Funder is a B2B lending system. It allows the user to onboard their borrowers with individual lending conditions such as loan term and interest rate. These borrowers can then upload loans individually or in bulk for approval by the funder.

Benefits of A2 Funder

  • Multiple system users
    • As well as the borrowers and funders having their own individual logins, there are additional logins for auditors and third party lenders. So every part of your process is supported by A2 Funder.

      Cases can be easily allocated to third party lenders so that only these cases appear on the third party login. Further development can also allow these funders to be connected to the system through an api, meaning that sending cases to the third party for funding is simple and easy, regardless of currency or other parameters.
  • Post-Loan-Term Management
    • Not only does the system encompass the setting up and running of the loan term, it also allows for further services after the loan has matured. Services include setting a new interest rate when a loan goes post term, allowing a borrower to request restructuring of the loan if it is not being paid off and ongoing invoicing for post mature loan interest
  • Reporting
    • Active Loans have full management MI reporting, allowing the user to set the fields they wish to pull on the report and to filter the report to the parameters they wish to analyse. All reports can be downloaded for comparison purposes.
  • Full Autonomy
    • We have designed A2 Funder with lots of input from experts in the field. So A2 Funder has been created using the best processes in the business. However, if there is something that doesn’t quite fit the way in which you run your business, you have full control over the system. Not only can you set your own parameters within the system, creating your own “products” with different loan amounts, interest rates and terms, there are override buttons at any point in the funder side of the system that progress a loan to the next stage.
  • And of course, if you choose to adapt A2 Funder to become your own bespoke system, this off-the-shelf solution is the perfect stepping stone.


If you are a B2B lender or a Peer-To-Peer lender wanting an efficient, effective and completely auditable loan management system then look no further. Our baseline product already has what you are looking for, but we can always add some custom featured to deliver a solution designed perfectly. It all starts from a simple phone call so get in touch today for you then get in touch with us for a free demo today!!