We’ve undertaken projects across a range of sectors including legal, public sector, wealth-management, office & manufacturing management, soft play centres, and more. Each project we undertake positively impacts our customer’s bottom line by generating additional revenue or unlocking efficiency gains to make savings.


Thanks to our unique software framework of a re-usable set of modules that offer a range of common features including dynamic reporting, scheduling, email generation and more we can work in an efficient timeframe for your project.

On time and in budget? Absolutely!

Star Developers

At A2 Solutions we only employ the best in the business. Our team of superstars deliver true value across the range of services and products we provide.

Not only are they technically brilliant, they each have an unbridled passion in delivering tangible benefits to your business. We go way beyond just coding 1’s and 0’s – every single person involved in your project will make it their mission to truly understand your business and then add value by recommending and implementing best-in-breed solutions.


Trust and openness are at the centre of how we work. We use tried and tested tools and processes to aid clarity and communication.


Your trust in us is not something that we take for granted and our passion is in making sure that we deliver on our promises.


We keep in constant contact with you, showing you progress at each step, pro-actively discussing any issues that arise and recommending appropriate solutions and ideas that you may not have considered even possible.


Take advantage of our experience to fast-track your project. We’ve worked with dozens of business across the globe to create custom software solutions covering a multitude of diverse industries.

Every team member has a distinguished pedigree and has, at least once in their career, been recognised by their external industry peers for excellence and innovation.

We’ve covered everything from legal services, the finance industry (both B2B and B2C), public sector, e-commerce, transportation, solar industries, apiculture, social care, recruitment, manufacturing and many more.


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