End To End Solution

A2 solutions creates bespoke software solutions that combine our unique modular approach with the use of scrum project management methodology - giving you the best of both worlds

Introducing  A2 Ticketing

A2 Ticketing Management System was born out of the need for an easy to use, receipt to resolution solution, to manage incoming tickets of different categories and frequently asked questions, which would also be easily adaptable to any organisational type and structure.


It also allows for users to communicate internally within the portal, keeping detailed records and providing complaint and resolution metrics to help management make data driven decisions to improve the business and stakeholder relations holistically.

Benefits of A2 Ticketing

  • Integrations
    • API Integration to existing systems
    • Webforms
    • Various portals and automated messaging to third parties
  • Customisability
    • Customisable set up
    • One system with multiple unique users and user views and permissions
    • Ticket allocations
  • SLA Management
    • Notifications panel set to calendar
    • Automated escalation
    • To do lists and reminders
  • Internal Messaging
    • Internal messaging between users (Chat Log)
    • Automated messaging
  • FAQs
    • Automated responses for frequently asked questions
    • Troubleshooting checklists
  • Reporting
    • Detailed Metrics
    • Drill down on data
    • Downloadable Reports
    • Audit Trails
    • Full Record Keeping


If you need a fat, efficient, effective and user-centric ticketing system which can be designed perfectly for you then get in touch with us for a free demo today!