End To End Solution

A2 solutions creates bespoke software solutions that combine our unique modular approach with the use of scrum project management methodology - giving you the best of both worlds

Introducing  A2 Recruitment

A2 Recruitment is built around the recruit – train – deploy model meaning that with this system, recruiters manage the whole process from lead and client management, through applicant tracking and training, to onboarding and deploying fully trained employees to clients in need of skilled staff.

Benefits of A2 Recruitment

Built in a modular fashion, each part of the system encompasses it’s own set of features, functionalities and benefits. Some of the most salient benefits include:

  • CRM Module
    • Lead Pipeline management from qualification through to contracting and conversion to client
    • Quoting functionality that carries over to customer invoicing
    • Record keeping with document upload functionality, notes keeping across multiple user views and a system generated audit log
    • Customer portal for 3rd party record access
    • A marketing feature for planning of job postings and a content calendar for forward planning
  • Applicant Tracking Module
    • Full applicant tracking functionality with task management and to do list generation
    • User friendly generation of online training presentations and linked assessments with automated grading and certification processes where required
    • Trainee Portal for 3rd party access to trainees
  • Onboarding Module
    • Effective onboarding process and document dissemination
    • A basic HR system which enables the users to maintain employee files and manage their time tracking, entitlements and leave requirements
    • Easy allocation of employees and consultants to customers
  • Overall
    • Throughout the system, the benefits of being able to autonomously manage certain key system settings to personalise task lists, field labels and drop down lists makes A2 Recruitment even more fit for your unique purpose.
    • Internal messaging system for secure communication and record keeping with customers, trainees and onboarded consultants
  • Offline Capability
    • Offline Desktop Software Available for Download
    • Full Back Office Connectivity Once Back Online
    • Seamless Synchronisation


If you recruit staff on a regular basis and your existing process fills you with dread, then come and talk to us. We're friendly, likeable, awesome and most of all, we make it our mission to design, build and deliver the perfect fit.