Spreadsheets Are Killing Your Business


Ideal Bedtime Reading

Flippancy and "dad humour" aside, spreadsheets are killing your business for a number of reasons, but all is not lost - there is a way forward and our book will show you how.

We’ve all used a butter knife as a screwdriver, or opened a cardboard box using a door key, or even our tongue to test a 9-volt battery - but using the right tool for the job makes the whole process so much more efficient - and a lot less dangerous too! In this book, we discusses (in an engaging, non-nerdy way) not only how harmful and treacherous the use of spreadsheets can be to your business, but most importantly, what you can do about it.

By taking a structured approach to reviewing your operational processes and client journeys, not only can you protect your business from the perils of spreadsheet dependency, but moreover, you can truly modernise your business, enabling you to scale with ease.

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